Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Nectar cafe, Norwich

We have been trying to find time for weeks to visit the new Nectar Cafe in Norwich which was opened by Jo Balfe in September, it is on the corner of Onley Road, just off Unthank road and very close to the centre of this fine and vibrant city.
Jo has created a cafe specialising in vegetarian, organic and raw foods, fresh juices, handmade chocolates and also a wide range of fabulous teas that she blends herself.
There are workshops available on raw food and the cafe also subscribes to the Norwich farm share which is a local community project producing organic vegetables and fruit.
So I highly recommend a visit this great local cafe in Norwich for some fantastic food and lovely teas, it is an example of how a small local business can offer a really special and memorable offering to the customer.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Slow Food UK Shop

Slow Food UK have a new shop at Neals Yard in Covent Garden right in the very centre of London and a fantastic place to showcase produce made by producers who belong to Slow food in the UK and also in Italy.
The shop was previously part of the offices of Slow Food UK but was converted into a retail space and opened in July 2011, and it currently is the only Slow food shop in the world.

Last Thursday Slow Food UK hosted a visit by the producers of Balsamic vinegar, Acetaia Fiorini from near Modena in central Italy. Balsamic vinegar is one of Italy's most famous exports and most good Balsamics are aged for at least 12 years in wood.
Acetaia Fiorini produce fabulous Balsamic vinegars and at the shop there was a small tasting complete with trays of cheeses, salami and bread. I was told that the best way to taste the vinegar is by dipping a piece of hard cheese into it and then eating the cheese with the Balsamic.
There was also a red wine also from the same area in Italy and the early evening event was a great success with the front open doors of the shop allowing some guests to also stray outside in the pretty Neals Yard courtyard with their drinks.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Humpty Dumpty Brewery

Steve and Lesley from Humpty Dumpty Brewery were among the first to join Slow Food Norwich in 2010 when the Norwich convivium was formed. Steve had previously been involved with Slow Food in Italy and Slow food Aylsham and was pleased to see the new group in Norwich and North Norfolk.
Humpty Dumpty Brewery is located in Reedham in Norfolk just to the south east of Norwich and is well known in that area of Norfolk. The Reedham Beer festival is also organised by the brewery and they are always happy to have visits to the brewery and shop by members of the public and members of Slow Food.

Several members of Slow Food Norwich and a member of Slow Food Senigallia recently visited the brewery and had a very interesting tour.
Slow food Norwich has now helped arrange some of the Humpty Dumpty beer to be stocked in the new Slow Food shop in London and we also hope to take a small quantity to Italy in late October to give to the local Italian micro brewing fraternity!