Monday, 26 November 2012

English Organic wine tasting in Norwich

The Greenhouse Trust in Norwich will be holding another wine tasting as part of its promotion of organic and biodynamic wines, the Trust holds regular wine tastings throughout the year and the next one is being held on Friday 14th December at 7.30 pm, with tickets on sale in advance at £12.
The evening event in December will be a tasting of  English Organic wines and will include a selection of biodynamic wines from the only English grower Sedlescombe in Sussex and organic wines from the Davenport vineyards.

Growers in the UK might not produce large quantities of wine due to our northern latitude but increasingly the quality of UK produced wine in improving.
In fact the soil in Sussex where a lot of English vineyards are located is very much like the soils found in the Champagne region of France. Because of this English sparkling wines are now recognised as some of the best of their type in the world and in recent years have also beaten Champagnes at blind tastings at international wine events.

The wine tasting at the Greenhouse will be the last of 2012, others tastings in the past year have included an organic Italian wine tasting last April and an organic French wine tasting in July.
I am sure that Tom and the others at the Greenhouse are planning for more interesting wine tastings events in 2013 and Slow food Norwich is pleased that several of its members will be attending the December event.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Slow Makers Market and Supper

Slow Food Norwich has been involved with the Slow Makers Market since it first started early last summer and is now happy to be taking part along with Olivaverde at the Christmas Slow Makers market in Norwich on Saturday December 1st.
The market is being held in the Anteros arts centre in Magdalen Street and starts at 11am running throught the day until 7pm.

The Christmas market marks the end of a very busy first year for the Slow Makers group in Norwich and Slow Food Norwich will continue to support the group in 2013 and hopefully beyond.
To mark the end of this eventful first year there will be a Slow Meal at the King of Hearts restaurant which is located next to where the market is being held and for further information please contact

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Slow Wine Italy and Slow food Norwich

Slow Wine Italy is a very important part of the Slow Food International network and Slow Food Norwich is very happy to be helping set up a possible wine and olive oil event in London and possibly Norwich next spring.
Slow Food Italy members have asked Norwich to help with the preliminary costings and logistics of an event which might have more than 80 small artisan wine and olive oil producers taking part, including producers from Le Marche, Umbria and Sicily. Even though we are based in Norwich we do have strong connections with Slow Food London and several of their members are very happy to help us over the next few months.

We should have more news about these developments soon as we currently have a member in Italy speaking with producers about the possibility of them attending next spring. We are also being helped in our endeavours by associates of Livinginlemarche who work closely with artisan producers in Italy and who will be one of the sponsors of the London event and also in Norwich if that takes place as well next spring.

Another piece of good news is that Chris White a member of Slow food Norwich and owner of  Norfolk based Reno Wine has just started importing wine from a Slow Wine producer from Le Marche in Italy. This came about through contacts within the Slow food movement in the UK and Italy and it is hoped that this will be the beginning of a long and successful collaboration.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Fairhaven Gardens Farmers Market

The Fairhaven Gardens Farmers Market near South Walsham just east of Norwich is held the third Saturday of the month and from April to September. The organisers are hoping to build this market into a very community orientated and popular market which will appeal both to the local villages and also to the many visitors to the gardens throughout the summer months.
The weather so far this spring and summer so far has proved a disappointment but many small producers and stall holders have still been present to offer the public a wide range of local produce.

Among those present at recent markets have been Reno wine from Norwich and Norfolk Cordials form north Norfolk and it is hoped that over the coming months many more stallholders will be presnt as word about this fabulous setting and market spreads.
For more information on this new local market just get in touch with the organisers or look at the Fairhaven Gardens website.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Libera Terra in Norwich

Slow food Norwich is very proud to be associated with the Libera Terra organisation from Sicily, which also works closely with Slow Food Italy and London. Libera Terra was set up in the 1990's to farm land and estates that the Italian Government had confiscated off the Mafia and organised crime in Sicily and southern Italy, the organisation renting these properties for a specified period of time.
All the produce and wines produced by Libera Terra are then sold throughout Italy and now in the UK with the help of Slow Food Norwich and a proportion of the profits are ploughed back in the the small local communities and student groups who cultivate the land. Any remaining profit is then used to help local community projects and to help disadvantaged young people,set up and run addiction centres and put in to other worthwhile projects in Sicily and southern Italy.

Slow Food Norwich is pleased to be able to hold an evening promoting this worthwhile organisation at the Library restaurant in Norwich. Jayne Raffles is a great supporter of Slow food and also Libera and she has allowed the Library to be used for a wine and food event showcasing Libera wines and produce.
The event is on Friday 27th April and there will be a two course meal prepared using Libera products as well as some local Slow Food produce from Norfolk.
There will also be a small selection of wines from Centopassi which is part of the Libera organisation as well as a biodynamic red wine from a Slow Wine Italy producer in Tuscany.
There will also be a talk on the evening about the Libera terra organisation and other Italian products present on the evening will be sourced by the UK based Sagraitalia group.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

West Norwood Slow Food Festival

Organising local markets and food events are part of the work that Slow Food carries out throughout the year and Slow food London is very proactive in organising food events for both their members and also the general public.
Slow Food helped organise a food festival in West Norwood  in London yesterday and Slow food London member Alistair Cameron took part with a talk and demonstration of food and wine from the Libera Terra organisation in Sicily. Libera Terra works closely with Slow Food in Italy and with Slow Food Norwich in the east of England, and these groups are helping to promote the organisation in London with the help of Slow food London
Alistair from Slow Food London and the Market Quarter in Begravia gave a talk at the festival about the culture and food of the island of Sicily. He also spoke about the Libera Terra organisation and then also cooked pasta with passata and olive oil all produced by Libera in Sicily and southern Italy. There was also a small selection of Libera Terra wines for the public to try, and these all proved very popular.

The West Norwood Slow Food Festival was a really popular event and was supported by Lambeth Council, The Mayor of Londons office, the Co-operative and several other local organisations.
It is hoped that there will be another food festival at the same venue in 2013 and Slow Food will continue working with local communities both in London and other cities such as Norwich to promote good local food.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Pane Nostrum in Senigallia, Italy

The Pane Nostrum is an international festival of bread which is held in Senigallia in Le Marche, Italy each autumn, and is one of the highlights of the year for many members of Slow Food Marche in eastern Italy. The event has been staged in Senigallia for many years and is now part of the wider calendar of food events which takes place all over the Marche region each year.
This year the Pane Nostrum in Senigallia is being held slightly later than usual, in late September, from Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd , and will be in the usual location for this event, the Piazza del Duca in the very centre of the town. With more businesses present this year it now promises to be even larger than the very successful fair in 2011 with more businesses signed up for this prestigious event.

With the opportunity to use the open air ovens in the main Piazza there is the ability to showcase bread and pastries not only from the Marche region but also from other regions of Italy and also from different parts of the world.
Slow food is very pleased to be involved with this world class event and Slow Food Marche and AIS Marche help guarantee that the event brings to the public wonderful examples of superb bread and cake making.
This year members of Slow food Norwich will be going to Senigallia to be present at the Pane Nostrum and we will be hoping that other interested members of the public will also wish to come with us to Italy to be present in September. Anyone interested in getting more details on the event please just get in touch with Slow Food Norwich or with Slow Food London.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

St Benedicts Slow Food and Wine evening

Slow food Norwich members enjoyed a wonderful evening at St Benedicts restaurant in Norwich last Wednesday night, which was hosted by Jayne Raffles.
The food and wine that evening were all from the Le Marche region of Italy, the dishes prepared by Nigel from Raffles restaurants and the wines from Vini Centanni and Vini Venturini both fine wine makers form Le Marche.
Talks on the wines throughout the evening were given by Stefano Milani from Selezione Zanotto a specialist wine importer based in London and a talk about Slow food and also the Libera Terra organisation were given by Dermott from Slow Food Norwich and Sagraitalia

Further events for Slow Food Norwich members are being planned over the coming months, including a visit to Humpty Dumpty Brewery in April with members of Slow Food Italy and a tour and visit to the world famous Truffle festival in Acqualanga, Italy later in the year.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Humpty Dumpty Brewery Visit

Slow Food Norwich is currently organising a visit for our members to the Humpty Dumpty Brewery in Reedham near Norwich in March 2012.
Steve and Lesley from Humpty Dumpty Brewery were two of the early members to join Slow Food Norwich in late 2010 and are keen supporters of the Slow Food movement and ethic.
The brewery is in the famous village of Reedham just to the east of Norwich and the current owners started trading on 19th September 2006 after taking over the business from the previous owners and during this time they have one a series of prestigious awards including the 2009 GBBF Bronze Medal.

The brewery produced its one millionth pit in mid 2011 and now has a selection of over fifteen types of beer, often with local and unusual names such as Norfolk Nectar, Railway Sleeper, Little Sharpie and Reedcutter.
We had hoped to export a small amount of this great beer to Italy last autumn as several Italian members of Slow food are very passionate about this wonderful Norfolk ale, but it was not to be at the time, but we do hope to possibly get a van full of beer out to Italy later in the summer of 2012!!
The Reedham beer festival and the Royal Norfolk show brings the brewery the opportunity to showcase their beers and the beer festival in 2012 will be another family friendly event and a must for the beer lovers calendar.