Friday, 29 November 2013

Slow Food and Festivaldelgusto markets

The members of Slow Food Norwich are passionate about promoting locally produced food in Norfolk and with working with artisan food producers and food related businesses to promote good local food all over East Anglia, so we are pleased that we are now working on plans with Browns Kitchen of Mundford and Festivaldelgusto  for a new food market near the town of Swaffham in Norfolk in the spring of 2014.
The market will be made up of many less well known small food and drink producers from Norfolk and Suffolk as well as several organic producers from Italy who will be coming over to the UK specially to take part in this exciting new market.
Slow Food in East Anglia already works closely with Slow Food UK and Slow Food London on promotional events in the south of England and we are hoping that several members of Slow Food London will be present at the first market next April.

The market in Mundford will have a cross section of local food and drink producers, which will include local Norfolk and Suffolk meat, bread, cheese, cakes and beer, as well as olive oil, chocolate, honey and possibly wines from Slow Food members in Italy.
Slow Food Norwich will have a dedicated stand on which we will promote the ethos of the Slow Food movement which has a large international following and has groups in most countries in the world. We will also be hoping to attract new members to join Slow Food Norwich at this very exciting time for this growing movement.
Browns in Mundford have established a very fine reputation for excellent food they offer to the public in the two years that they have been open, their chefs working to a very high standard and we are pleased that all the food available to eat on the day will be from there kitchens.
More details about the first Browns Festivaldelgusto market will be available on this blog, the Festivaldelgusto blog and Browns in early 2014 and we are all looking forward to his very special food event in Norfolk next spring.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Slow Food Norwich Events

Slow Food Norwich is part of the bigger Slow Food International movement which has groups and a membership in over 150 countries around the world promoting good food with a commitment to the community and the environment.
Last Saturday members of Slow Food Norwich were at a meeting in London with other members of Slow Food groups in the UK, representatives of the board of Slow Food UK and Paolo di Croce and Elisa Demechelis from Slow Food International. The meeting has paved the way to new and exciting developments in the future of Slow Food in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
As part of a series of new initiatives from Slow Food Norwich we are going to start dedicated promotional projects in the new year on small organic and biodynamic food producers in the UK and also introduce similar producers to the UK public from other countries including Italy, Malta and other countries in the Mediterranean.

We have several projects in the pipeline this autumn and early in 2014, these include an organic food fair in the village of Docking in north west Norfolk and a similar event in the coastal resort of Hunstanton. There are early plans for a an artisan food fair in the coastal village of Wells next the sea where we hope to include a selection of locally caught fish and shellfish as part of the superb foods that will be on offer to guests and members of the public.
Another promotional event featuring organic and biodynamic olive oils and wines in the market town of Swaffham will be held early in the new year and Slow Food Norwich are also pleased to be working closely with local Norfolk food producers on plans for the first Sagra to be held at the Fire Pit festival site in the village of Wendling near Swaffham.
Finally we will be taking part in a series of lectures and workshops at UEA in Norwich to raise awareness among students of the work and aims of Slow Food International and will be working with interested students to hold a programme of food events on campus.
A representative of the faculty of sustainability at UEA has approached us for help and advice about setting up a small fixed organic market in Norwich which is planned to open in the summer 2014. The connection with our friends at Slow Food London which has a close relationship with the world famous Borough Market in south London has allowed us to start sourcing suitable organic producers for this exciting venture and also to explore the possibilities of obtaining funding from local Norfolk based businesses.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Slow Food and Festivaldelgusto

Festivaldelgusto is an organisation which promotes and sponsors food events in Italy, Malta and the UK which help promote small food and wine producers, concentrating mainly on products made by organic and biodynamic methods of agriculture by small producers and farmers.
As part of the remit of Slow Food we believe in promoting and sponsoring these types of producers both in Norfolk and other parts of the UK in partnership with other Slow Food groups, but we have also recently become involved with the Festivaldelgusto organisation which also helps promote small producers both in other parts of Europe and also will be now doing the same in the UK. 
Festivaldelgusto in Italian terms is a festival of good food and taste which is exactly what the wider Slow Food International organisation already aims to promote throughout the world, and Slow Food Norwich works to achieve in the county of Norfolk.

Slow Food Norwich is looking forward to the first Festivaldelgusto in Italy in September where many small food and wine producers will be at the event networking both with other producers in Italy but also with members of Slow Food from the UK, US and Australia. T
This initial festival will be followed by a similar event for small food producers in Norfolk in October, which will be sponsored and organised by Slow Food Norwich along with several retailers and producers from the county. As well as inviting Slow Food members from Slow Food London and other UK Slow Food groups, we will also hope to have present Slow Food members from  Italy, the US, Australia, Holland and Malta .
Slow Food Norwich and London are also now working on closer links with the Biodynamic association  of the UK and we hope to have representatives from the UK biodynamic association attend our October event together with several biodynamic producers from the east of England.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Slow Food in Swaffham

Slow Food Norwich are pleased to now be working closely with a group of traders in the market town of Swaffham to promote organic and biodynamic produce which comes from both the local area and also where necessary from abroad. This initiative was started by Kim from Starlings, the popular greengrocer and florist based in Swaffham, she already sells organic and locally produced fruit and vegetables, but now wants to promote organically and locally produced food in Norfolk to the wider general public.
Kim has run this family owned business for many years and has in that time built up a reputation for always trying to source local produce from small and medium sized producers in the Swaffham area. Where possible she tries to concentrate on selling only the best seasonally produced local fruits and vegetables, while she also only stocks the best produce which can be only grown abroad.

Starlings is now working closely with Slow Food Norwich and we will be holding the first "taster" event in Swaffham on Friday August 9th. Local food business owners and some regular customers of Starlings have been invited to take part in tasting a variety of local produce, also several of organic Italian olive oils and hopefully some truffles from Italy as well!
Several members of Slow Food Norwich will be coming to the evening as well as a member from Slow Food Holland, and this first event will be the initial part of a much larger food Festival to be held in Swaffham in October 2013 when there are plans to have over 200 guests at the event in the town.
There are currently detailed plans to roll out similar food Festivals across the county of Norfolk, starting with Norwich, but other similar food Festivals will also be held in other towns and cities in Norfolk, including Kings Lynn, Holt, Dereham and Fakenham.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

The new Slow Food Blog

Slow Food Norwich as part of the wider Slow Food movement in the UK is pleased to be part of an exciting new initiative being launched by Slow Food London very soon. The chair of Slow Food London, Shane Holland will be giving further details about the new Blog project as it grows and becomes more established over the next few months.
The new Slow Food Blog will feature all aspects of Slow Food, whether on rare and heritage breeds, the politics of the EU Common agricultural policy, Biodynamic horticulture and Viniculture, Slow Wine made form ancient vines, Grow your own projects or the quality of school meals today.

In addition to the category blogs there will also be an open forum in which members can recommend local shops, businesses and producers. There will also be a general discussion board where members can discuss and chew over the issues of the day, from horse meat burgers to the price of fish.
This exciting development is part of the new initiatives being launched both by Slow Food London, Slow Food Norwich and other Slow Food convivia throughout the UK over the coming months where the aim is to reconnect with many ethical food and drink producers both in the UK and abroad, as well as to many of our members who currently are looking to play a larger part in food issues and projects in their communities.
For further information on this initiative and how to take part, please look at the Slow Food Blog which gives  all the necessary details.

Slow Food London and Norwich are very involved in promoting good, nutritious food produced by local producers and are members of the International Slow food community. Slow Food was founded by Carlo Petrini in Italy in 1986 as an alternative to fast food and the membership is now over 100,000 in more than 150 countries.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Olive oil tasting at Virgin In Norwich

Slow Food Norwich are pleased to be holding a tasting of four organic and biodynamic olive oils from Italy at the Virgin Money Group in Norwich on March 14th. These rare artisan produced extra virgin olive oils are from three different regions of Italy, Umbria, Le Marche and Tuscany, and the producers all subscribe to the Slow Food ethos of good traditional, regional and local cuisine.
The oils that are to be tasted are all produced either by organic or biodynamic methods of production, and Slow Food Norwich is committed to the promotion of these types of oils and the small artisan producers who still make olive oil using the traditional methods and in  a lot of cases using rare varieties of olives.
Slow Food Norwich supports and promotes local Norfolk producers but as part of Slow Food  International we are also pleased to be able to offer our members and a wider public in the Norfolk produce  from other parts of the world where Slow Food operates.

We find that fine organic and biodyanmic olive oils are increasingly popular with consumers and we have set out to bring only the best artisan Italian extra virgin olive oils that we can find to try at Virgin in Norwich this March.
We have several organic olive oils from central Italy and one from near the beautiful city of Todi in Umbria, El Mansur is produced at the estate now owned by Matteo Boetti, but set up by his father Alighiero Boetti who was one of the foremost Italian artists of the 20th century. Matteo has only started producing this oil fro sale to the public this year and it is a really fine delicate olive oil.
Lastly we will be tasting an olive oil from Tuscany which is made at Azienda La Torre at their beautiful estate and agriturismo just outside the famous Tuscan town of Arezzo. This organic olive oil is one of the best oils that we have tasted and we are really pleased that we can have this at the tasting in Norwich.