Monday, 20 October 2014

Slow Food and Proper Pizza Company event in Norwich

Where possible Slow Food Norwich tries to be involved in many of the local food and drink events in Norfolk and we were pleased when we were approached in September by James of the Proper Pizza Company based in Norwich to see if we were interested in taking part in a food and arts event to be held at the historic Dragon Hall in Norwich on 1st and 2nd of November.
The Hallows Jamboree is to be held on the Saturday and Sunday afternoons and each day to be followed by an evening "Feast" where up to 120 guests will been served a three course meal cooked on wood fires and served on wooden platters while they are seated on long trestle tables which are very much how guests at meals would have eaten at the Dragon Hall during most of its long history.
This exciting food and arts event is a first of its type to be held by the Proper Pizza Company and Bullit Guerilla Dining at the Dragon Hall and Slow Food Norwich will be taking part along with members of the new Slow Food in East Anglia.

Olivaverde has been involved with promoting small Italian food and wine producers including working with Festivaldelgusto in Italy to hold markets and fairs in the east of Italy for some years and has also been connected with several Slow Food projects and workshops both in Norwich and London. Slow Food and Olivaverde share the same ethos, promoting good food, produced by passionate farmers and producers by methods which are sympathtic to the lands on which they are grown and made.
The Proper Pizza Company has only been trading for a few years but have built up a formidable reputation for providing excellent food at many different types of events all across Norfolk and also as far as London. They use authentic wood fired pizza ovens and cater not just for large and small outside events but also for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions and they are very much in demand throughout the year.

Slow Food Norwich will be at the event in Dragon Hall to promote not only the Slow Food groups and organisation in East Anglia but also in the new Slow Food England where the new structure is already leading to an increase in membership numbers and also more events to pass the message about good locally produced food to the wider public.
We also are now working closely with Slow Food London and in early 2015 Slow food East Anglia will be in a new grouping with Slow Food London and a new South Eastern region.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Slow Food Norwich, Slow Food Marche in Italy and Festivaldelgusto

Members of Slow Food Norwich were very pleased to be present at the prestigious artisan food and drink fair,the Festivldelgusto which was held near the Adriatic resort of Senigallia in Italy a few days ago at the Castello di Monterado.
The festival is dedicated to small local Italian artisan food and wine producers and since it first started the Festivaldelgusto has been held in the Le Marche region of Italy each autumn but there are plans for it to be held in other regions of Italy and also on the Island of Malta in 2015, also we hope to involve both Italian and Maltese Slow Food groups in the setting up and running of these artisan food events.
Slow Food Norwich is very much involved in the creation of the new Slow Food in East Anglia region which will then have the necessary membership and geographical size to work with other regions in both the UK and in Italy. The new regional entity will be in place before Christmas 2014 and will mark the beginning of a new focus on increasing membership numbers, also increasing the number of educational talks and workshops in the region.

In eastern Italy Slow Food Marche is a collection of the many groups present throughout the Le Marche region of eastern Italy, and we have been pleased to have been approached by the Ugo Pazzi the President of Slow Food Marche and also other members to start a co operation with them in 2015.
We met Sig Pazzi when he came to the festivaldelgusto in Senigallia in September with other representatives of Slow Food Marche and we will be meeting them again in Italy soon to sign a joint protocol of co operation between Slow Food in East Anglia and Slow Food Marche.
Both groups will be working together to promote Slow Food in the Marche region and specifically to help foreign residents now living in Le Marche to meet local members of local Slow Food groups, become members of their local group and also for new residents to more easily obtain information about local artisan food and drink producers, also markets and events in their area.

Several members from Slow Food England will be attending the Salone del Gusto in Turin at the end of October and will be meeting other Slow Food groups from throughout the world which will provide many further opportunities to forge closer links with other like minded groups.
2015 will be an exciting year for Slow Food Norwich working with the  many new contacts that we have already made and will make in over the next year.