Sunday, 22 November 2015

One Planet Norwich and Eco Awards

Slow Food Norwich was approached by the Environment Department of Norwich City council and asked if we were interested in taking a stand at the annual One Planet Norwich festival to be held in Norwich in 2016, and we are pleased to now have a dedicated Slow Food stand at the festival on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th March 2016.
In 2015 the festival which is held at the prestigious Forum building in the city attracted over 6,000 visitors over the two days it ran and the event in 2016 will be even larger and we are very pleased to be taking part in collaboration with the Norwich City council team.
The One Planet festival seeks to encourage, people, businesses, groups and voluntary organisations to be aware of the amount that they consume and to then work on reducing both consumption and also waste where possible.
Norwich Council is at the forefront of bring environmental issues to the attention of both the general public and press, this is also a major part in the work and ethos the Slow Food groups throughout both the UK and the world.

The beautiful Forum building which was built to commemorate the Millennium will be filled with large variety and diversity of stands but all with an emphasis on sustainable living, ecology and the environment, the stand will include transport choices, recycling ideas and more about local foods.
Organisations such as the RSPB and Norfolk car share will be present as well as our Slow Food stand, there will also be educational talks and lectures, science experiments, children's films and demonstrations on how to recycle clothes and other items.
Slow Food Norwich will be working closely with our regional Slow Food Anglia team to have present Slow Food members and producers who have expertise in environmental and sustainable projects in both Norwich, East Anglia and also London.
We are also sponsoring the Norwich and Norfolk Eco Awards together with Slow Food Anglia and we will be presenting an award to the East Anglian food producer who has a strong ecological and also environmentally friendly ethos to their work and produce.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Norwich as a Sustainable Fish City

Slow Food Norwich works closely with Slow Food Anglia on projects and events which involve the fishing communities and fishing interests in both Norfolk and the East Anglian region as a whole. As part of this on going work by Slow Food Norwich approached Sustain in London to start an application for the city of Norwich to become one of the growing number of Sustainable Fish cities in the UK along with other major cities already taking part in this exciting project such as Liverpool, Belfast, Manchester and Newcastle. After visiting Ruth at Sustain in London we now are part of this very exciting initiative with Norwich now being included on the Sustainable Fish City website and members starting to approach food businesses and other companies in Norwich to ask them to take part in the project.
We believe with our long and diverse coastline around East Anglia and also the Anglia regions historic fishing heritage that the city of Norwich should be included in the list of current members, and we plan on having Norwich accepted as a sustainable fish city by the end of 2015. Slow Food Norwich will be working closely with Silvia from Slow Food Anglia will be concentrating on working with fishing communities and the small fishing businesses across East Anglia in 2016, as part of this work we hope to establish a new group in Kings Lynn in Norfolk and in Colchester in Essex, also reopening the Cambridge Slow Food group which closed in 2011.

Silvia and Dermott met Ruth from Sustain in London and she has been very supportive so far in our work for the city to become a member of the Sustainable Fish City project. Ruth has been helping the other cities who are already members of the project and she will now help and guide us as we approach local businesses, restaurants, hospitals.
Norwich City council which is currently supporting our plans to hold a dedicated Slow Food festival in Norwich in April 2016 will also be approached about being included in the project, and the festival in Norwich next April will also include a special emphasis on the Sustainable fish programme and part of this will be aimed at getting both local restaurants, hospitals and local authority schools to start sourcing the fish they use only from sustainable sources.
Other projects that conern the fishing heritage of the county of Norfolk will include working  to obtain Presidia staus for the Cronmer crab and Brown shrimp from Kings Lynn area of the Wash.
We also hope that in the future Slow Food Norwich can work more closely with other Slow Food groups in the UK and possibly overseas on projects that have a bearing on the problems that local fishing communities and small fish related businesses face in the world today.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Slow Food and Pumpkin Rescue

Slow Food Norwich were approached by Tessa from HUBBUB last spring to see if we would represent Norwich in this year years Pumpkin Rescue project which is being held in cities all across the UK.
Pumpkin Rescue began last year in the city of Oxford where over twenty groups took part in events across the city and with more than 2,000 people attending these varied events, which included workshops, dinners and other food related events on the day.
This year Hubbub has been involved with setting up pumpkin rescue festivals in more than 20 cities which includes our city of Norwich in East Anglia, our region being one of the largest growers of pumpkins in the UK and with that we have a large amount of waste left over after the October celebrations of Halloween.

HUBBUB has been very supportive of groups across the UK to help promote this festival this year and they hope that this will grow both in size and importance over the coming years, and already a city in the US has joined in this years activities.
The Pumpkin rescue is an example of where Slow Food in Norwich and also across the UK can be involved on the ground with important environmental projects, our ethos at Slow Food Norwich is to both protect good clean local foods and also promote responsible sustainable initiatives in the city and Norfolk.
One of  the Slow Food Anglia Approved members the FirePitCamp are also playing a active part in the promotion of the Pumpkin Rescue festival, they are holding a special Halloween event at their great venue which is just outside of Norwich and they will be active in promoting the festival aims of reducing waste during this time of year.
We hope to hold our first dedicated Slow Food festival in Norwich in 2016 with the backing of Slow Food Anglia and Slow Food England, this will be similar to the festival held by Slow Food Anglia in Colchester in September.

Slow Food Norwich is now working on various ideas to bring to the notice of the public in both Norwich and Norfolk the waste problem that arises from the huge amount of pumpkins that are either consumed or used as part of the Halloween festivities.
Norwich City Council approached us to see what part they could play in this years events and they will be sending press releases out across the city about the festival, in 2016 they plan to play a  much larger role in waste management promotion with Slow food Norwich during the Halloween festivities in the city.
The Pumpkin rescue festival is of course more than just aimed at the waste that is left after Halloween, it is part of the further education of the public about the large food waste problem that is created every day across the whole country and how we can all play a part in countering this every growing problem.
We hope to include local voluntary groups across the city as well as our Slow Food members in playing an active role in promoting the best ways to dispose of the pumpkin waste and we will be updating this blog in the weeks before Halloween.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Benedicts Restaurant Norwich

The new Benedicts restaurant in Norwich was opened in June by Richard Bainbridge who had previously been the head chef at Morston Hall on the north Norfolk coast for several years. The restaurant was previously owned by the Raffles group of restaurants for many years and was known as St Benedicts, Jayne raffles and her husband then decided to concentrate on their Library restaurant  which is in another part of Norwich and close St Benedicts, so Richard took the opportunity to open his new restaurant there in June.
Benedicts is located in St Benedict's Street in the centre of the city and the new team includes several members that have come with Richard from Morston Hall including sous chef Ashley Williamson and restaurant manager Maddy Johnson.
Richard has dreamt of owning his own restaurant for many years and will be running Benedicts as a family business, he will have many Morston classics on the menu as well as exciting new dishes which he will be presenting as the team and restaurant takes shape and settles down over the next year.

Slow Food Norwich was contacted by Richard a few weeks before he opened as he had known about the Slow Food movement for many years and decided that with the opening of his new restaurant he would like to become involved with us in promoting Slow Food both in Norwich and also throughout the county of Norfolk.
Dermott, Graham and Damien all from Slow Food Norwich visited him at the restaurant just before it opened and discussed with Richard ideas about future events and also the possibility of a dedicated artisan Food Festival in Norwich in 2016 which would include many local Slow Food producers from the Anglia region.
Richard is passionate about the quality and provenance of produce he prepares and cooks so is very involved with sourcing local ethically produced food for his restaurant and guests, and this perfectly reflects the ethos and aims of Slow Food.

Several members of Slow Food Norwich have visited the new restaurant since it opened, including Graham who had lunch the day following its opening day and Dermott was there in early July. As one would expect from a restaurant of this high standard we found great food and excellent service in this light and open restaurant with an excellent menu to suit all tastes.
The lunch menu is very reasonably priced and overall we would recommend Benedicts to anyone who wants to eat exceptional food while either living or visting Norwich, so we have included the restaurant in the new Slow Food Anglia Approved scheme.
We believe the new Benedicts restaurant is a great addition to the culinary scene in Norwich which is flourishing and we now are planning to hold one of our Slow Food Norwich social events for our members there later on in the winter. Slow Food Norwich members also hope to work on ideas for our new Slow supper club where we will try to visit a different restaurant each month and try and tailor the menu each month around Forgotten foods of east Anglia and the more widely available Slow food Presidia produce.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Slow Food Italian evening at Louis Deli

Slow Food Norwich together with Slow Food Anglia will be holding a joint event at Louis Deli in Norwich on Friday 21st August, this will be focused on produce and wines made by Slow Food Italian producers who now have close links with our East Anglian Slow Food groups.
We have been asked to organise a special promotional evening for Slow Food by the owner of Louis' Deli who is a great supporter of Slow Food Norwich and we are expecting at least forty guests from the local community in Norwich, many of which will not have heard about our organisation before the event.
In the past six months we have been working hard on creating close links with other Slow Food groups in Italy and Malta, which we have now been successful in setting up and are now working with members of these groups on joint projects, workshops and tours, we also plan to create closer ties to Slow Food groups in Holland and also the USA in the near future.

The evening will begin at 7pm and go through to 10pm, it will feature food and wines that are typical of the Le Marche region in the east of Italy and Silvia who is originally from the region will be present to give a talk about Le Marche and the wines, cheeses, salami and other Marche produce that will be tasted that evening.
There will be two wines for guests to try,a red Rosso Piceno from the south of the region and a white Verdicchio from central Marche, both very typical of the region and in fact recently the white Verdicchio wine has built up quite a loyal following in the UK!
Le Marche is still a very much undiscovered area of Italy, that is still unspoilt by mass tourism and it is in our opinion one of the most beautiful regions on mainland Italy. The Marche region has several very proactive Slow Food groups all of which together make up the main Slow Food Marche group headed by the President Sig Ugo Pazzi, and we are very pleased to be now working closely with them on educational projects, workshops and visit to both our regions.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Norwich Lanes Fayre and Slow Food Norwich Membership

This year Slow Food Norwich will be present at the wonderful Norwich Lanes Fayre on Sunday 5th July and our stand will be located in the popular Upper St Giles area of the city.
We are also very pleased that our membership has increased greatly over the past few months and at the Lanes Fayre we hope to further promote the Slow Food message to many of those present at the Fayre and to make the public aware of our organisation, its ethos and aims.
As well as our promotional and educational activities on the day we will also be taking part in many of the events happening in the street which will include live music, a BBQ, street food and drinks in the gardens.
Slow Food Norwich and Anglia member Graham of Louis' Deli will be having a BBQ in the street outside the Deli selling burgers, hot dogs and other great street food and we will be offering produce from Slow Food producers in England and also from producers and Slow Food members in Italy.

We are also very pleased that we have recently had new members join from some of the shops and businesses in Norwich and also several new members of the general public join from other parts of north Norfolk. Our membership has doubled in the past six months and in England as a whole membership of Slow Food has risen by nearly 50% in a year, many joining new groups such as Slow Food Oxford and Slow Food Anglia.
Slow food Norwich is also working with Slow Food Anglia on plans for a food festival to be held in central Norwich next spring, several food businesses, restaurant owners and chefs have been meeting with us to sketch out some ideas on possible venues and dates.
We also visited Narborough Hall Gardens where we met Joanne the owner who is passionate about locally grown and sourced good local foods, she herself grows all the vegetables, herbs and fruit which she uses at her restaurant and for functions at the Hall. We are pleased that Narborough Hall Gardens is now a member of the Slow Food Anglia Approved food business scheme which promotes good local and sustainably grown food and drink in East Anglia.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Slow Food Norwich News

Slow Food Norwich has been busy in the past two months building closer ties to other organisations which are involved in sustainability and promoting food issues in the press and to the public.
One of our Norwich members took part in an BBQ and food event in London as part of the Food Revolution day on May 15th, the event was held by the Root Camp which offers 14 to 21 year old's hands on knowledge about food its preparation and enjoyment. We now hope to work with this organisation to arrange for them to use a venue in Norfolk for one of their food events and workshops later this year.
We also visited the offices of Hubbub to start planning a Pumpkin Festival in Norwich in October as part of a series of similar Festivals across the UK all aimed at highlighting excessive food waste in our communities and cities. As part of the wider food waste project we are now meeting with a sustainability organisation in Cambridge and will have further news about our new project with them very soon.
On 5th July we will be taking a stand at the Norwich Lanes Fair which will be manned by our members and we are looking forward to a busy day in Norwich promoting the aims and ethos of Slow food to the public, there will also be a series of short talks given about the history and current work of Slow food.

We will be having another Slow Food Norwich and Anglia social and fundraising evening on 21st August at the popular Louis' Deli in Upper St Giles in Norwich. This event will be an Italian themed evening, featuring wines and food from the Le Marche region of eastern Italy, with most of the produce being supplied by Slow Food members and producers from that beautiful region of Italy.
Wines will include two white wines, a Verdicchio and a Passerina, also a red Rosso Piceno with all the wines being produced by small artisan wine makers in that region.
There will also be the opportunity to try a selection of artisan produced foods from Le Marche, these will include organic olive oil, salami, smoked meats, cheeses, honeys and other local produce typical of that Italian region.

 Slow Food Norwich together with Slow Food Anglia supports and promotes many varied food and drink related causes and projects and the Forgotten Food programme is an important element of that work and also in the work carried out throughout the rest of the international Slow Food movement undertakes and we in Norwich are pleased to be working with the owners of the Fire Pit Camp in Wendling Norfolk to hold the first major Forgotten Food Festival in England.
In Norfolk he Festival will be held on Saturday June 6th and we are very pleased to be holding this very popular Norfolk based event with the help and support of Rachel and Sarah from The Fire Pit Camp who are also active members of Slow Food Norwich. We worked closely with them last year when we held a joint Slow Food and Norfolk producer Festival at their beautiful venue in the small village of Wendling in central Norfolk and look forward to being involved with them again.
The Fire Pit Camp is a popular and well known venue in central Norfolk and it has quickly become a valuable asset to the local community in both Wendling and the surrounding villages and towns.
Rachel and Sarah have been very supportive of the aims of Slow food in Norwich and East Anglia.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Humpty Dumpty Brewery and Slow Food

Slow Food Norwich members work in many different fields of business across the County of Norfolk, several are in food related jobs as well as others who are members because of their love of good local clean food and among our many members are Steve and Lesley from Humpty Dumpty Brewery  who first joined the Norwich Convivium in 2011.
Steve has been a supporter of Slow Food for many years and the brewery fits perfectly the type of small artisan business and producers that Slow food in Norwich and Anglia actively promote and support.
The Brewery was named after a class of steam locomotives who ran on lines in Norfolk in the early twentieth century and is now a well established micro brewery providing beers to discerning customers and pubs throughout Norfolk and also further afield in the UK.
Humpty Dumpty Brewery has a large range of fine ales available and they have many awards over the past few years including Champion Beer of Norfolk in 2010 and Champion Bottled Beer of Norfolk in 2013, it also organises the annual Reedham beer festival as well as being an active member in Norwich City of Ale event.

The Brewery has slowly grown in size over the past few years and now has a new shop at its site in Reedham where it has a full range of bottled beers and also clothes including T shirts and Polo shirts sporting the Humpty Dumpty brand name.
There is also the chance to taste some of the beers on the special tours and visits which are held at the Brewery and which have proved very popular with the public. They even can lay on fish and chip suppers for guests at some of their tasting events if required!

As well as running the Brewery near Reedham just outside Norwich they also now run the Kings Head pub in the centre of the city of Norwich.
The King’s Head is a haven for real ale lovers, dedicated to serving local cask-conditioned ales in excellent condition and is located on Magdalen Street, with its eclectic collection of vintage and antique shops, speciality grocers and restaurants.
The pub does not serve any draught keg beers or lagers, only an ever changing selection of up to 18 cask ales and real ciders, with mild and dark beers always available.  A range of bottled international beers, wines and spirits is also on offer together and great bar snacks are available, but no hot food. The Kings Head pub was built in the 1600s, though it now has a Victorian facade and is Grade II listed. 
Inside there is no music, no television, no fruit machines, just a quiet pub with lively conversation and an excellent range of beers.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Slow Fish in Genoa

This year, Slow Fish the International event now in its seventh year and dedicated to the promotion of sustainable fishing and fishing practices is being held between the 14th and 17th May in Genoa, Italy.Taking place every two years, the event celebrates the diversity of fishing and culinary cultures found around the Mediterranean and in other parts of the world. It also aims to strengthen the ties between the many diverse fishing communities around the world by helping these diverse fishing communities raise a unique common voice when facing challenges such as pollution and industrial overfishing.Delegates from over fifteen countries are expected to attend this year’s event, along with the many seafood lovers from around the world, who will gather in the city’s old port area to meet producers and fishmongers to learn more about artisanal fishing.

Slow Food Norwich and Anglia will be taking part in this years Slow Fish in Genoa with a special event taking place with a signing of a letter of co operation between Slow Food Ancona which is part of Slow Food Marche in Italy and Slow Food Anglia in the UK. Both these convivia have long coastlines and with these large fishing communities, each of which wish to start exchanges and visits between members living in the different countries.
Starting in 2015 members of Slow food Norwich and Anglia will be visiting Italy several times, firstly to the Slow Fish event in Genoa and then later on in the year to the Slow Food convivia in the Marche region. We then plan to invite members of Slow Food Marche and also the local Italian fishing community back to Norfolk and Suffolk in the UK for workshops and related events.
Slow Food Anglia will be working with local funding organisations in the region to allocate funds for educational visits by local schools and colleges to coastal areas in order to learn more about sustainable fishing practices and the problems encountered by fishing communities and businesses today throughout the UK and Europe. 
Together with the relevant departments at the University of Cambridge and the UEA in Norwich we will put together educational packages aimed to increase this knowledge and awareness among the public, schools and colleges in East Anglia. 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Slow Food Market at the Rosewood Hotel,London

There is a new Slow Food and Living Market that takes place every Sunday at the prestigious Rosewood Hotel in central London. This is the first dedicated Slow Food market that has opened in London since the original Slow market which was located near the Southbank Centre on the south side of the Thames closed some years ago.
Rosewood Hotel group believes strongly in the principles behind the Slow Food movement so their team together with the help of Slow Food London recently set up the new market in the courtyard of their outstanding Hotel building in Holborn and the result is an absolutely outstanding array of stands offering a huge range of artisan produced foods.
The market launched on Sunday 1st March and Shane Holland from Slow food London was present to give a short talk about the Slow Food movement and the idea behind this new Slow Food and Living market in London.

The weekly Sunday market is open from 10.30am until 3pm and at the opening there were are over thirty stallholders all of which have been selected as offering exceptional quality produce, and it is planned to increase the number of artisan producers as the year progresses.
One of the main aims of the market is to reconnect the urban community in central London with good wholesome foods produced by artisan farmers and producers who have a dedication and a passion about the food they provide to consumers.
The Hotel wants to make the Slow Food and Living market the destination of choice for consumers living in London, where they know that they can purchase their weekly food needs all in one place.
All the producers at the market have been vetted by Slow Food in London to make sure that they adhere to the Slow Food ethos and this makes the market is a great new and unique addition to the vibrant food culture in London which we are sure will prove very popular over the coming months and years.

Slow Food Norwich and Anglia are very pleased to have been asked by the Rosewood Hotel to set up and run a dedicated Slow Food stand each Sunday at the market, the purpose of which is to promote both the Slow Food national and international organisation, its ethos and also English Slow Food producers who come from not only from East Anglia but also other regions of England.
Later on this year on every other Sunday we will also be having one off guest visit by a Slow Food producer from England, they will take over a stand at the market for one day to promote their produce and their local Slow Food region, we also have plans to hold similar visits from Slow Food producers and groups in Italy and Malta, with possible visits planned from other interested Slow Food groups who are based throughout Europe.
Further information about the Rosewood Hotel Slow food and Living Market can be found on their website at Rosewood Hotel London

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Red Poll Beef in Norfolk.

As part of the Forgotten Foods project that Slow Food England and Norwich undertakes to promote we have come across this rare breed of cattle which are now reared on the Royal estate at Sandringham in West Norfolk.
The Red Poll cattle breed is a dual purpose breed of cattle and is a cross between the Norfolk Red beef cattle and the Suffolk Dun dairy cattle breeds, and unfortunately both these East Anglian breeds of cattle are now extinct.
The breed was developed in England in the late 19th century and the cattle are unusual in that they naturally polled, that is the breed is without horns. Red poll were introduced into Australia and also the USA in the 1800's and is the oldest registered breed of cattle in the US having been established there for over 125 years.
The Red Poll cattle society was established in 1888 to promote the breed and also their use within the livestock industry in the UK and abroad, but since the middle of the 20th Century the use of the Red Poll breed for beef has been in decline due to the increase in European breeds of cattle.
The breed is on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust list and was in danger of disappearing altogether, but there is now a large herd at the Sandringham estate and several other farms in England and the breed is also being re introduced in small numbers into the west of the USA.

Howard's butchers were established in the 1920's and are now located both on the Royal Sandringham estate in west Norfolk and also in the Gayton area of the historic city of Kings Lynn in Norfolk. the butcher is famous in West Norfolk for the quality of its meat and also the range of rare breed neats that it sells.
Being based on the Sandringham estate Howard's butchers sell the rare Red Poll beef from the local Queens herd, but they also sell organic Longhorn beef and pure Highland beef as part of the fantastic range of meats and poultry available at their two shops. The organic Longhorn cattle are bred and kept in the grounds of the beautiful and historic Houghton Hall in West Norfolk, they are a pure organic herd which is fed on grass and clover.
Pure Highland beef cattle originate from western Scotland and are all 100% pure Pedigree Highland cattle and are certified by the Highland Cattle Society. The herd in Norfolk is kept and grazed on the salt marshes at Burnham Deepdale on the north Norfolk coast.

As part of our ongoing plans to promote good local sustainable food in Norfolk and throughout East Anglia, Slow Food Norwich will be working closely in 2015 and beyond with local East Anglian food businesses, producers and other interested parties who are also passionate about our aims.
Typical of the type of food business Slow Food aim to promote are Howard's butchers in north Norfolk and we will also be involving many more similar businesses and producers in our ongoing promotional and marketing work in east Anglia.
Further details about our new Approved scheme as well as the Slow Food Planet App will be available soon and we will have all the latest news on our regular Blog and also available at our Slow Food events in Holt in February, Norwich in March, West Norfolk in April and at the Forgotten food Festival in Wendling in June.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Forgotten Food Festival in Norfolk and London

The Forgotten Food programme is an important element of the work that the Slow Food organisation in the UK and also throughout the rest of the international Slow Food movement undertakes as part of its work, and we in Slow Food Norwich and in East Anglia are pleased to be working with the owners of the Fire Pit Camp in Wendling Norfolk to hold the first major Forgotten Food Festival in England.
The Festival will be held on Saturday June 6th and Sunday June 7th at the Slow food Market at the prestigious Rosewood Hotel in London, and we are very excited to be holding both these events with the help and support of Rachel and Sarah from The Fire Pit Camp who are also active members of Slow Food Norwich. We worked closely with them last year when we held a joint Slow Food and Norfolk producer Festival at their beautiful venue in the small village of Wendling in central Norfolk and look forward to being involved with them again.
The Fire Pit Camp is a popular and well known venue in central Norfolk and it has quickly become a valuable asset to the local community in both Wendling and the surrounding villages and towns.
Rachel and Sarah have been very supportive of the aims of Slow food in Norwich and East Anglia and the Fire Pit Camp will also be one of the first Approved scheme members of Slow food in Norfolk, which will be launched in March in Norwich.
The Rosewood Hotel in Holborn is one of Londons most prestigious and beautiful hotels and we are very pleased to be taking the Forgotten food festival to this fantastic venue as part of the annual Slow Food week events throughout the UK.

There are Forgotten foods in communities all over the UK, many types of food that were once common place and known and eaten by local people have in many cases have all but now nearly disappeared, In Norfolk alone Forgotten foods currently include a large range of fish, shellfish, beers, cheeses, breads, jams and meats and in other parts of the UK Slow Food has already many of the active Forgotten Food producers listed on our central website.
We are approaching local food businesses and also asking local people in all parts of the county to help us with finding these scare typically Norfolk foods and with this help Slow Food Norwich is hoping to trace many of these rare foods in the next few months before the Festival begins in June.
Rachel and Sarah from the Fire Pit Camp are already active through Social media with putting out the word about the aims of the Festival and for asking for news and help with tracing the forgotten Norfolk foods and recipes that have now nearly disappeared.
Through the network of groups and members of Slow Food in Norwich and East Anglia we hope to be able to make some if not all of these Forgotten foods available once again to the public and with this in mind we hope to further the revival of these fantastic Norfolk foods and drinks.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Slow Food at Louis' Deli Norwich

We are very pleased to be holding a social and promotional evening at Louis' Deli in Upper St Giles Norwich on Friday 13th March hosted by the Graham the owner who was one of our first Business and Approved scheme members in East Anglia.
Louis' Deli has been in Upper St Giles in Norwich for many years but recently it has become well known for the variety and quality of its local produce, now being rated as one of the must go to eat and meet places in the beautiful city of Norwich!
As well as serving the local community with an excellent choice of food and drink, another service offered at the Deli are informal free conversational language groups each weekday meeting at 3pm, the languages include French, Spanish and Italian.
Slow Food Norwich is currently working with Slow Food England on setting up the new Slow Food East Anglia area which will include the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire with new groups being established in Kings Lynn and Cambridge to add to the already well established and popular groups in Aylsham and East Suffolk.

The evening in Norwich in March will be primarily to raise the awareness of Slow Food as an organisation promoting good locally produced food to the local food and drink business community in Norwich as well as using the occasion to launch the new Approved scheme in Norwich.
As well as several other exciting developments with Slow Food in Norwich and East Anglia we will also be promoting the Slow food Planet App for iTunes which is currently available in other European countries and will now include London and East Anglia later this year.
The evening in Norwich will have members of Slow Food Norwich and also Shane Holland the leader of Slow Food London and board member of Slow Food England who will be giving a short talk about the new developments in both east Anglia and Slow food England.

Louis' Deli is a quite a small intimate venue but because of the size unfortunately we will have to limit the total number of guests to the Slow food evening to just twenty four, while the evening will begin at 6.30 and finish by 9.30pm.
This event is part of the series of regular monthly meetings and social events to be held by Slow Food Norwich and East Anglia and we will in the future be holding tastings and workshops in other venues in both Norwich as well as other towns and villages in the county of Norfolk.
Later in the year we will also be setting up similar events in both Suffolk and Cambridgeshure and hope to work closely with both the UEA and Cambridge University of sustainability issues which affect food businesses in East Anglia.