Saturday, 4 April 2015

Humpty Dumpty Brewery and Slow Food

Slow Food Norwich members work in many different fields of business across the County of Norfolk, several are in food related jobs as well as others who are members because of their love of good local clean food and among our many members are Steve and Lesley from Humpty Dumpty Brewery  who first joined the Norwich Convivium in 2011.
Steve has been a supporter of Slow Food for many years and the brewery fits perfectly the type of small artisan business and producers that Slow food in Norwich and Anglia actively promote and support.
The Brewery was named after a class of steam locomotives who ran on lines in Norfolk in the early twentieth century and is now a well established micro brewery providing beers to discerning customers and pubs throughout Norfolk and also further afield in the UK.
Humpty Dumpty Brewery has a large range of fine ales available and they have many awards over the past few years including Champion Beer of Norfolk in 2010 and Champion Bottled Beer of Norfolk in 2013, it also organises the annual Reedham beer festival as well as being an active member in Norwich City of Ale event.

The Brewery has slowly grown in size over the past few years and now has a new shop at its site in Reedham where it has a full range of bottled beers and also clothes including T shirts and Polo shirts sporting the Humpty Dumpty brand name.
There is also the chance to taste some of the beers on the special tours and visits which are held at the Brewery and which have proved very popular with the public. They even can lay on fish and chip suppers for guests at some of their tasting events if required!

As well as running the Brewery near Reedham just outside Norwich they also now run the Kings Head pub in the centre of the city of Norwich.
The King’s Head is a haven for real ale lovers, dedicated to serving local cask-conditioned ales in excellent condition and is located on Magdalen Street, with its eclectic collection of vintage and antique shops, speciality grocers and restaurants.
The pub does not serve any draught keg beers or lagers, only an ever changing selection of up to 18 cask ales and real ciders, with mild and dark beers always available.  A range of bottled international beers, wines and spirits is also on offer together and great bar snacks are available, but no hot food. The Kings Head pub was built in the 1600s, though it now has a Victorian facade and is Grade II listed. 
Inside there is no music, no television, no fruit machines, just a quiet pub with lively conversation and an excellent range of beers.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Slow Fish in Genoa

This year, Slow Fish the International event now in its seventh year and dedicated to the promotion of sustainable fishing and fishing practices is being held between the 14th and 17th May in Genoa, Italy.Taking place every two years, the event celebrates the diversity of fishing and culinary cultures found around the Mediterranean and in other parts of the world. It also aims to strengthen the ties between the many diverse fishing communities around the world by helping these diverse fishing communities raise a unique common voice when facing challenges such as pollution and industrial overfishing.Delegates from over fifteen countries are expected to attend this year’s event, along with the many seafood lovers from around the world, who will gather in the city’s old port area to meet producers and fishmongers to learn more about artisanal fishing.

Slow Food Norwich and Anglia will be taking part in this years Slow Fish in Genoa with a special event taking place with a signing of a letter of co operation between Slow Food Ancona which is part of Slow Food Marche in Italy and Slow Food Anglia in the UK. Both these convivia have long coastlines and with these large fishing communities, each of which wish to start exchanges and visits between members living in the different countries.
Starting in 2015 members of Slow food Norwich and Anglia will be visiting Italy several times, firstly to the Slow Fish event in Genoa and then later on in the year to the Slow Food convivia in the Marche region. We then plan to invite members of Slow Food Marche and also the local Italian fishing community back to Norfolk and Suffolk in the UK for workshops and related events.
Slow Food Anglia will be working with local funding organisations in the region to allocate funds for educational visits by local schools and colleges to coastal areas in order to learn more about sustainable fishing practices and the problems encountered by fishing communities and businesses today throughout the UK and Europe. 
Together with the relevant departments at the University of Cambridge and the UEA in Norwich we will put together educational packages aimed to increase this knowledge and awareness among the public, schools and colleges in East Anglia.